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Already enrolled in Part A of Medicare?

Deciding to enroll in Part B is an important decision. It depends on the type of coverage you have now. It’s also important to think about the Part B late enrollment penalty—this lifetime penalty gets added to your monthly Part B premium, and it goes up the longer you wait to sign up. Find out if you should get Part B based on your situation.

Eligibility to apply for Medicare Part B online: Part B Special Enrollment Period

You need to meet specific criteria to enroll in Medicare part B after your initial enrollment period using a special election. You must be 65 or older and either you or your spouse is working AND you have coverage through the working spouses employer.  If you meet that criteria, you may be eligible for a Part B delayed enrollment special election period. You may enroll in part B:

  • Any month you remain covered under the group health plan and the person you access the health plan through is still working.

  • Any time during an 8 month period that begins when the group health plan ends or the working spouses employment it is based on ends.

Sign up for Medicare Part B Online in three easy steps:

1. Get this form signed by your employer and save to a file. Employer verification form (Form CMS-L546)

2. Complete the online enrollment and attach Employer Verification Form to the online application. *You must put the Part B effective date you are requesting on the “remark” section of the part B application form.

Under SECTION D: Employment Verification number 1, click to attach a file, then click browse, now locate your employer form CMS-L546 that you saved, then double click on the employer form to upload attachment.  See sample application

Under Section D: Number 2, digitally sign you application by typing in your name. You will receive an email verifying your signature.


To complete this online enrollment application, you will need:

  • Your Medicare ID number listed on your Medicare card.  For delayed part B, you should already have a Medicare Card with Part A only on it.

  • Your current residential address and phone number

  • A valid email address that you can check

  • Documentation verifying you had group health coverage through an employer.   This form is an employer verification form. (Form CMS-L546)



3. You are almost done! You will get an email confirming your signature. Sign Your Application and then click submit!  You must reply! IMPORTANT: You will need to sign the form digitally.  To complete this process you will need to have an email address and the ability to access an email you receive from it.  The email will come from asking you to confirm your digital signature. If you do not see the email after submitting, check your spam or junk folder in your email.

You may use the online enrollment application if you are 65 or older and currently have or had, group health plan (GHP) coverage through your (or your spouse’s) current employment.

If you cannot complete the forms online:  You may fax the employment verification (Form CMS-L546) and Part B enrollment form (CMS-40B) to Social Security at 1-833-914-2016 or reach out to us for assistance!

Don’t get caught off guard! Is your adjustable gross income over $91,000 filing single or $182,000 filing joint? See below!

IRMAA? (Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts) 

For those over the income threshold; IRMAA can cause an increase over the standard Medicare Part B premium of $170.10 per month.  It will also increase the cost for Medicare Part D. Here are the IRMAA LEVELS FOR 2022

Note: If you do not enroll in Part A and Part B during your Initial Enrollment Period, you will have to wait to sign up. This may cause a gap in your coverage and you will have to pay a lifetime late enrollment penalty, and that penalty increases the longer you wait. 


Where can I get more information?

Fill out this Form or Call our office at 601-962-4428.

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