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Introduction to Medicare

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Does the thought of having to deal with Medicare make you MAD?


If it hasn’t yet, it will! This is a common occurrence for those of you eligible for Medicare and attempting to understand Medicare A, B, C, D, as well as the laws, rules, regulations, penalties etc.. If that’s not enough, hours of waiting on hold trying to get someone on the phone will definitely push you right over the edge! If any of this sounds familiar, there’s a high probability that you have a condition we’ve diagnosed as Medicare Anxiety Disorder (MAD)!


You’re not alone! Just about everyone that has to deal with Medicare gets MAD at some point. Don’t be alarmed, there is a Cure! We at Senior Care Plus have been helping folks that get MAD for the past 30 years! Don’t put yourself through all of the Anxiety and suffering, let us Help!

Don’t get MAD! Give us a call. We take the MAD out of Medicare.

What is Medicare?


Medicare is health insurance for people 65 or older, people under 65 with certain disabilities, and people of any age with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant).

1. Original Medicare

2. Part C - Medicare Advantage

3. Part D - Prescription Plans

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